Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 192 ... july 11]

Niall and Tynor slept in this morning, but Cory and I were up and having cereal for breakfast on our little fold-out table bright and early. The time change helped: yay for gaining an hour. We needed it back, for sure.

After breakfast, we read books for a bit and finally it got late enough that Cory could ride his bike around a bit.

We stopped at a rest stop around Moses Lake for a late lunch. It was hot, but we found some shade from the building and picnicked on the grass. Tynor caught some fun pictures of me with the little guys.

On our way over, I glimpsed the amazing Columbia River Gorge but we didn't have time to stop. I promised myself that I'd get out for at least a quick look-see on the way back. Tynor was eager to press on for home, and we had just stopped for lunch not long before. But I really didn't want to miss this amazing sight. Niall and I walked down to the lookout and marveled at the rocky walls and the river far below. I'm glad we took the few minutes to see it - well worth it.

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