Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 182 ... july 1]

Niall has finally become a "black belt" on Club Penguin and then won his battle with Sensei to become a Ninja. He's so pleased! Now he can go to the Ninja Hideout and can become invisible if he wants to. Cory is almost there - 80% of the way through his battles as a brown belt.

This is Niall catching "Mongo" the enormous fish who appears at the end of the fishing game. The boys have so much fun on this site, and it's pretty well done as these online gatherings for kids go. Cory wants to become a member like Niall (who helps pay for his membership with his allowance) but I haven't been willing to spring for another $60 for him just yet. There's a lot for him to do just as a visitor (though lots more if he's a member, of course).

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