Friday, September 17, 2010

sat, 9/ 261

My niece Annabel turned 1 yesterday, and today was her birthday party. She got all dolled up in a pretty lilac & green dress with a pettiskirt!

Niall loves to hold her. She was intrigued, and didn't try to get away. They're so cute together.

Cory enjoyed the classic "three horned" look of multiple party hats.

fri, 9/ 260

A little collage of Cory and his classroom this morning. His new friend Audrey was showing him something she drew before we went into class.

And on the lower right, you can see a map of the school that Cory drew the week that school started. I love how the Woods Building now figures prominently in his maps of Little School. :-)

thu, 9/ 259

The mud that collects at the bottom of the driveway is apparently also a canvas for little people to write their names. Who knew? :D

wed, 9/ 258

I *love* Danvers Half-Long carrots. Just love them.

Unfortunately, they're only in season for part of the year. The usual big, tough carrots you find in the grocery store are like a completely different vegetable (and not very appetizing!).

So I have to get lots while they're around! :-) These are from Yakima Fruit Market.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tue, 9/ 257

Phoebe sent me a package for my birthday (just a tad belated :P), and I got to thinking how unusual it is to receive personal mail or packages now.

This package included an assortment of treats, like handmade soap, "cosmic" playing cards, tiny handcrafted "people," and several handworked metal bell ornaments. :-)

mon, 9/ 256

I love this welcome sign for the TLS art room (which was the teachers' lunchroom - I think it does double-duty now?).

The words say: "Please enter peacefully...and be ready to do your best."

The children thought about what kind of art they'd like to do this year, and wrote down their ideas on leaves which Sally posted artfully in collages in the art room and by the parking lot. Top of mind for many of them was sketching and painting murals, so that's what they've been starting with.