Friday, May 14, 2010

fri, 5/ 134

Cory checking out the fish on a trip to the doctor's (sinus infection - sigh).

Tynor rocking out with his band at the PSCS Student Showcase! They were FABULOUS - especially the drumming. :-)

Grandma Shannon checking out some of Tynor's writing from a class about Musicianship & Life.

thu, 5/ 133

I picked up Kellen just before getting the boys from Extended Day, and as we walked up to get Niall, we saw this fun owl hanging in the hallway. Naturally, we both had to take a picture. :-)

It was a warm day, and Candi got out the sidewalk chalk. Lots of great art all over the upper driveway.

wed, 5/ 132

Swim lessons today, and Cory wanted a picture of himself in the green goggles. Cutie-pie. :-)

Tonight the swim instructor asked to talk to me after the lesson. He sees Niall's strength as a swimmer and wants to encourage him to join a swim team and learn water polo. Oh, my. I said I'd be happy to learn more information about it, but we'll have to see if multiple practices every week are even possible. Niall would LOVE it, though, I know.

tue, 5/ 131

I found these cute framed photos when I was digging through a box the other day: my older boys when they were much younger, in darling frames from IKEA.

Love stumbling across saved treasures like this. They're now gracing my dresser where I can see them every day. (Check out that bubble beard on Tynor! :D)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mon, 5/ 130

For Mother's Day, I made myself my favorite dish: enchiladas! Together with steamed local asparagus and a big loaf of Challah from PCC, it was a delicious meal.

And all four of the boys joined me to help celebrate the day. Loved it!

sun, 5/ 129

I got all four boys outside today to finish digging and then filling in the trench for the power line to the shed. It's only been sitting there, half-done, since...November? A really long time!

Of course, the ground was frozen some of that time. But still - it's long overdue. Great to get it finished!

Next up: hooking up both ends and troubleshooting. Hoping Uncle Mike will come up for another visit to check it out. :-)

sat, 5/ 128

Cory is showing his cousin Rolly some Star Wars moves. Rolly was totally enthralled. I think I see a lightsaber in my sister's future... :P