Friday, January 4, 2013

1/3/13: Much joy, much sorrow

Tears tonight. A delightful new sword, just uncovered in one of the many boxes we're still going through here, broke when Cory tried to bend it straight. He'd gotten all gussied up with holsters, dagger, and other weaponry only to have this favorite piece suddenly snap. So heartbreaking.

He's hopeful that we'll find another like it at a party store, but isn't yet convinced that anything will be quite as "just right." Poor guy. Life can come apart at the seams so quickly sometimes, bouncing from unexpected joy to devastation in an instant. Perhaps adding an ancient, brittle plastic sword to the mix was tempting fate a little too much this time.

1/2/13: Frosty mornings

It's been really chilly lately (for us, anyway!). Mid-20's and lots of frost on the car and leaves. Cory was fascinated by the "frost forests" that grew in the wet dirt in the front landscaping, and loved the frosty patterns on the leaves too. I'm not thrilled about scraping and melting all the frost off the car so we can head out in the mornings, but it's sure beautiful.

1/1/13: Finished our Christmas card scrapbook page

When I stumbled across several of our Christmas cards and newsletters a few years back, I thought it'd be fun to have a collection of them for each year collected in a scrapbook album. I made very quick scrapbook pages to hold the cards and letters on the spot, and since then, I've found and added a bunch more. It's so fun to look back on the old photos and read what we were up to each year. There are still gaps, but I'm slowly tracking them all down. I know I have every single one "somewhere."

This year since I not only finished our annual mailing early (sent them before Christmas Day!) but was also off the whole week of Christmas and at home to boot, I scrapbooked our card and letter straight away. Finished them up today and added them to the album.