Friday, November 12, 2010

fri, 11/ 316

Mary, Leslie, and I meet for lunch every other Friday when we can manage it. Today was our second week in a row, because we bumped one lunch forward a week.

Always enjoy chatting with them so much - venting, sharing, gossiping, latest news. It's great stuff. Friends are the best!

thu, 11/ 315

Today is Dad's 70th birthday - hooray!

To celebrate, I arranged childcare for the boys and he drove down to meet me in Kirkland for dinner. We ate at The Big Fish Grill. A glass of red for him and a glass of white for me, and lots of uninterrupted catching up. Just divine. Hope to do it again before another umpteen years go by!

wed, 11/ 314

Niall's class has been reading and creating projects around historical fiction books. They set up this display outside the classroom for the rest of us to enjoy the results this week.

Niall's book was "Al Capone Does My Shirts" and his project was creating a period-appropriate jam label - which we provided a jar of jam for, but a friend of his opened it! So Niall put it in the refrigerator. Think I better tell him that jam won't spoil just by being at room temperature for a few days. :P

tue, 11/ 313

Observation and conference day for Cory. He had a rough day yesterday, so I was glad to see that he felt better today.

Steve and I had a long talk about what might be going on with him and thought of some ideas here and there but didn't have any real lightbulb moments. Just something he has to get through, and we have to help him get through, I think.

I feel so bad for him, as he is clearly struggling so hard with something. I just wish I knew what it was and how to help him cope better. :-(

Monday, November 8, 2010

mon, 11/ 312

Cory pretending to be a "tech guy."

Go, go Gadget! :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

sun, 11/ 311

We had several visitors today!

Garland and Rolly stopped by to drop off a few things, and stayed to play for a bit. Niall took Rolly up to his room to show him various interesting things, and Rolly was happy to trot along. C

ory stayed downstairs with us and had a snack inbetween showing us the alphabet in sign languages and lounging all over my lap (sigh).

Then later, Pat came over for tea and a catch-up visit. Such a treat! We need to do that MUCH more often.