Saturday, October 23, 2010

sat, 10/ 296

We had Juliana and Grandma over this afternoon to carve pumpkins. I'm a quick-and-done kind of pumpkin carver, and Cory is the same. We did one together, and then he went off to make paper creations (Quidditch equipment this time :P).

But the others worked a LONG time on their pumpkins, and they turned out great. Tynor and Juliana spent so much time on their designs, the pumpkins weren't finished until the next day! (Tynor finished carving Juliana's for her as it was nearly done.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fri, 10/ 295

When I got to Cory's extended day room today, he and two friends were putting on a puppet show for the youngest kids' extended day group. It was so cute!

They might have been inspired in part by BookIt Theater's visit to the school today. They put on a show, and then did workshops with some of the classes, including Cory's. Wish I could've seen that. Cory loves to act, especially if you take a video of him!:P

thu, 10/ 294

Every year, Carmen - the Spanish teacher at TLS - and her students put together a beautiful Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar at the school. I think it gets more elaborate and decorated every year - it's just lovely. So colorful and festive.

You always know Halloween is getting close when the altar is up and the sugar skulls are getting decorated!

Sometimes the boys bring photos to school of their great-grandparents to include on the altar. I always look for a few other faces each year as well: Eleanor Siegel, the founder of the school, and Renee Motley-Colbert, a teacher who died unexpectedly about five years ago (she was the same age as I am :-( ).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wed, 10/ 293

Being a mom to a passel of boys means finding Harry Potter broom Legos in the dryer!

Among other treasures. :-)

tue, 10/ 292

Cory has wanted his nails polished for the longest time, and last night, I finally got around to painting them for him (using nail polish left over from when Kellen and Tynor were little!). The options were orange and pink, and he chose pink because "It's brighter!"

He also wanted earrings, and since I won't let any of the boys get them pierced until they're 12 (would have the same rule if I had girls), we visited teacher Julie who used to have quite an assortment of stick-on jewel earrings when K & T were in her classes. She still does! So Cory picked up three sets, and decided to wear these. Quite the decked out kid today. :-)

mon, 10/ 291

Niall and I went to a fun PSCS party/talk last night, featuring the famous Matt Harding, who has traveled the world dancing in various famous and remote places and sharing his dancing with the world on YouTube.

He was a great speaker and storyteller, telling us all about his new project which is going around the world learning how to dance with the people in each place. Just a few days in each place, so he has to learn quickly!

I love his passion for connecting with people, and for just running with this adventure he stumbled upon. Glad that he's enjoying connecting with PSCS, too, along the way. :D