Friday, June 4, 2010

fri, 6/ 155

Headed to the Red Hook Brewery for a team lunch today. It's just down the hill from my house, but because I took the kids to school, I couldn't just work from home and join in with the team at lunchtime. Ah, well. (Don and Josh are in the photo here.)

There are a few May Day Parade hats adorning the hallway near Cory's class, and it turns out one of them is his (green one you can barely see behind his head).

He thought a funny photo of him with the hats would be a good plan. :P

thu, 6/ 154

We got to school early today and watched Ken mowing the Big Field, getting ready for Field Day tomorrow.

After we walked up the hill to the Meadows Building, I lifted Cory up onto this tree round outside of Kathi's class. He was so tickled to be nearly as tall as me. It doesn't take much to delight a 6-year-old.

wed, 6/ 153

When I got to school to pick up the boys today, Niall and his friend John were industriously breaking open rocks (notice the goggles, at least!).

Niall says John found quartz inside one of his - treasure!

I can remember the older boys breaking rocks at Extended Day many moons ago. Some thigs are just too cool not to do when you're a young boy, I guess. :P

tue, 6/ 152

Cory after school, swinging his backpack (as I always tell him not to do!)

Monday, May 31, 2010

mon, 5/ 151

Annette and Arabella came to visit today! They're another single-mom-by-choice family, and just recently moved up here from the Bay Area.

I've known Annette online for years, and it's such a treat to get to know her in person too.

sun, 5/ 150

NW Folklife Festival 2010. Cool, drizzly, definitely not a day for playing in the fountains as we usually do. But we enjoyed a little music here and there, had some gyros, blackened salmon & caesar salad, and an elephant ear - all our traditional fare for the weekend.

Cory was especially tired from our late night roasting marshmallows, so I gave the boys a treat: rides at the Fun Forest. This one was their favorite. Niall went on it three times!

The Fun Forest will be going away permanently at the end of the summer, after nearly 50 years at Seattle Center. :-(

There were the usual fun entertainers at the festival. This one was particularly impressive: an "object manipulator" with an acrylic ball. He could make it look like it was rolling along under his hands and arms, and balance it on his head. Very cool!