Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 183 ... july 2]

And we're off on our trip! Despite best efforts, didn't get out on the road until nearly noon (as usual!), but met up with Dad and Marian at the Indian John rest stop past Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, as planned.
From there it was smooth sailing to Moses Lake, where we stopped to refuel and the motorhome conked out just a few hundred yards past the gas station. Just quit and refused to start up again. Hmm. Pulled over and hung out with Dad and M for awhile, and they made a bunch of phone calls to see if they could get some help. After 45 minutes or so and no luck, we decided that Crew Stacia would head out for the evening's campground (still many miles away near Coeur D'Alene) and the motorhome group would find a motel for the night and catch up as soon as they could.

They did eventually get a tow (that was a major production) and the next day, got the motorhome back up and running. But what an ordeal!

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