Friday, February 26, 2010

fri, 2/ 57

At the library at school, Nancy keeps binders with all the kids' library cards velcroed into place, each class on one set of pages.

Even the kids who aren't reading yet can find their class and their name on the library card, so they can scan the card and then scan the bar code on the book they want to check out.

Maybe there's another way to manage the cards that would take up less space. But I like the colorful display and how easy it is for little hands and young minds to find their own card and indepedently check out a library book.

thu, 2/ 56

At bedtime tonight, Cory wanted me to take a stop-motion series of him attacking with his (K'Nex) light saber, and then crashing to the bed, defeated.

Of all the boys, he's the only one who continues to love to have his picture taken. Better yet, movies!

wed, 2/ 55

For fun, I made a "friends grid" of my Facebook friends' pictures.

Love seeing all their faces. So many wonderful people to be connected with in the world. Old friends, newer friends, family, people I've gotten to know just over FB.

Entertaining to see the oddbal photos too. Tennis ball? Simpsons character? Drawing? All sorts!

tue, 2/ 54

It's the 100th day of school! And pajama day in Cory's class, to celebrate. Of course, Cory usually wears his next-day clothes to bed, so we had to dig up some PJs for him to wear.

The kids were also encouraged to bring 100 of something to school with them. Cory chose (can you guess?) Legos! It only took him about ten minutes to count out 100 of them, much to his surprise. Then he had to trade out a few of them in the morning because he needed those special parts for something he was building. :D

mon, 2/ 53

Niall and I built the "ladder golf" game over the weekend that Phoebe sent us for Xmas.

We had fun trying to figure out how to get the ball+rope things to loop around. One time, Niall's bounced off the ground and looped around the lowest bar. Funny!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sun, 2/ 52

Cory was inspired to build a different kind of Legos creation today: a BIG Boba Fett.

He was so pleased with how it turned out. I think it was pretty darn cool too.

sat, 2/ 51

Today was Cory's friend Allison's birthday, held at Creation Station in Lynnwood. What a cool place. I've been hearing about it for years but we'd never been there.

They have a bazillion different recyclables of all kinds, big and small, that you can construct into whatever you're inspired to make.

Cory and his friend Theo sat across from Allison while she opened presents. At the end, the kids were each given a little bag that they could fill with anything from a certain part of the store. As long as some part of the item fit in the bag, they could take it. So some kids got a few huge things and tucked a little bit into the bag. Pretty funny!

fri, 2/ 50

The kids and Colleen took some wonderful photos this week. The children also decorated frames, and they were displayed along with the photos when we came to pick up from camp this afternoon.

You can see Cory on the far left with his aqua-colored picture frame.

What a fun week of camp this has been for the kids! Topped off with a pizza party today (Niall and friends made pretzels instead) and lots more outside time.

thu, 2/ 49

They did face paint at camp today, and Cory made a skeleton outfit out of paper to match the cool design on his face.

I love the detailed work that Donna and Colleen did with the kids' faces. They turned out fabulously!