Friday, December 4, 2009

[day 340... dec 6]

Niall won't be nine until 12/23, but this year I organized his "friends" birthday party early so we wouldn't get caught up in the holiday crazies and miss it (as we do nearly every year!).

He wanted a bowling party, so we went to Tech City Bowl in Kirkland for an hour of bowling with friends from school, and then pizza and cake. The kids had a grand time, especially Niall. And Cory, who came in 2nd or 3rd in bowling - go figure!

I usually make our traditional chocolate cake for birthdays (off the Hershey's cocoa box - FABULOUS). But I decided to do that for family to enjoy on Niall's real birthday, and we picked out a yummy two-layer fudge cake to share at his party. It was a big hit! Enough chocolate and sugar to last them all well into the evening, I'm sure. :P

[day 339... dec 5]

Our tree has been up for a week, but today we finally got out the ornaments to decorate it.

There's a preponderance of lovelies along the lower front, courtesy of my diminuative helpers (Niall and Cory), but I still think it turned out very pretty.

Now we just need Tynor to install the lighted star on top and it'll be all ready for the season.

[day 338... dec 4]

This lovely rug lives in the Little School library. In Steve's class one year, Tynor and friends drew the pictures for it and Susi sent it off to Tibet (I think?) to be woven into a rug. It's ten years old this year!

It was purchased by parents at the TLS auction that year, and then donated back to the school. Now Nancy gathers her eager readers on this beautiful rug every day for their library time.

[day 337... dec 3]

Tonight was the PSCS Dessert Potluck, on site at the school in downtown Seattle. I picked up the boys from school, got some Subway dinner, and we headed across I-90 to the International District.

Tynor and some friends were already there. Here he is hanging out with Tristan and Oliver, waiting for the desserts to arrive.

Cory loved the peppermint brownies (which Tynor made). My favorite was the berry pie - yum!

Eden has been waiting for this special doll for a very long time. She was dressing him (yes, him, though it looks like a her in these clothes/hair) when we arrived, and showed us how you can open the back of the head to change the eyes. She was so happy to have her new treasure. It was fun to watch her enjoying it so much.

Kellen and Josie came later with lots of cocoa in thermoses, plus fresh whip cream. Josie is about halfway through her recovery from jaw surgery so is still on a liquid diet. Hot cocoa is "dessert" for her right now!

Niall appreciated it too. He had LOTS of other treats as well, sugaraholic that he is. But still got to sleep at the usual time after got home. He seems to metabolize sweets efficiently. (Maybe it all goes into those fast-moving brain synapses or something.)

[day 336... dec 2]

We're having some chilly, frosty mornings now. The frost on the leaves, trees, and grass is beautiful.

I couldn't resist taking a few quick pictures at school after I dropped off the boys.

[day 335... dec 1]

Today was a birthday in Cory's classroom (his friend Theo turned 6), so out came the apparently-now-traditional "birthday teepee." The class decorates it with streamers and I think there are other special activities too.

It warms my heart because this teepee was a class project (an auction project, actually) when Kellen was a 4-year-old in Barbara's class. Fifteen years ago! His name is painted on one side, next to his contribution to the decorating. (It's a little hard to see here, but it's printed in orange on the righthand side.)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

[day 334... nov 30]

Back at work today, after a week off for our big office move and the Thanksgiving holiday. My new office is very nice - spacious, lots of windows, nearby to most of my team members.

All of our contractors have moved into one (big) room a few doors down from my office. They used to be scattered around across several buildings so it's great to have them all in one place and so close by.

I had to laugh, though, at the movers' solution for the nameplate on their office door. It just needs a sign: "If you need help, just pick a name!"

[day 333... nov 29]

My uncle Mike (Mom's brother) came over today to sort out our shed's electrical situation. Turns out to be more complicated than we thought, but he got a great start on it. Did all the wiring for lights and switch and outlet inside the shed and worked on the wiring on the house side while Tynor dug a good portion of a ditch for burying the wire.

Next we'll pull the panel inside the garage and see if we can figure out why no electricity is actually running to the outside outlet/access. But that'll have to wait for another weekend. Everything takes longer than you think it will!

[day 332... nov 28]

Today I finally hung the beautiful molas on the wall in my craft room. My mom found these molas in Central America years ago, and sewed them into these gorgeous wall hangings. They were up on the wall at her house on Beardslee Place, but have been stashed away for more than 10 years. I'm so happy to have them up again! Just love them.