Saturday, January 30, 2010

sun, 1/ 31

Niall attended his friend Julian's birthday party today which featured a visit from a Lego Master. Cool! If the girls can have Disney princesses come visit for their birthdays, the boys definitely deserve Lego Masters to come help them build fabulous structures for an hour or two. :-)

This is the party aftermath, with a bunch of wound up 9- and 10-year-olds racing around and trying to avoid going home!

sat, 1/ 30

The cherry tree in the backyard is already starting to bloom. It's not even February yet! I guess having the warmest January on record will do that: confuse the poor plants into thinking Spring is here.

I welcome the longer days, but cherry blossoms in January is jumping the gun just a bit, for me.

Cory has been asking for gymnastics classes for a long time now. So when I spotted this Saturday morning class at a local gymnastics center, I decided to just go for it. His brothers all had gymnastics classes (many of them!) for years when they were toddlers and preschoolers, so now is Cory's chance.

It's an hour long class for 4 to 6-year-old boys, and they do "vaults," trampoline, stretching, obstacle courses, "flip" into the ball pit - all kinds of fun stuff. Cory seemed to enjoy it, in his cautious figure-out-what-to-do kind of way.

I sat up in the viewing balcony and attacked the pile of P365 vertical photos (collaged into 2-per-4x6 and printed at Costco) that I just picked up. Sliced most of them into two smaller pics (except those that can go together for one day, or two days in the same week), and now I'm ready to embark on loading up my Becky Higgins Project Life scrapbook. I'm so excited to see this finally coming together! It's a huge project to do the whole year at the end. I sure hope I keep up with it better as-I-go for 2010. Holding a good thought.

fri, 1/ 29

In celebration of Friday (TGIF!), I swung by Costco after dropping Cory off at Grandma's (for his first sleepover there!) and picked up our favorite: pepperoni pizza.

You can't beat it. $10.72 for an extra-large pizza with lots of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. And it only takes about 10 minutes to be ready. Yum!

thu, 1/ 28

I love this painting that Cory made at school. I just happened to see it pinned to the wall the other morning.

The caption says:

"This is The Little School, and it has little footprints and windows for the Meadows Building, which is on my painting. The Little School has windows, and there's a footprint that is pink."

wed, 1/ 27

I picked up Niall and Cory after school today to head off to our Carissa appointment, and they got started jumping off this little fence, over and over again. They had so much fun - as you can see!

tue, 1/ 26

There's a small orchard in a corner between the parking lot and the Big Field at Little School. Small and ancient, I should say. The trees have gnarled, thick, stubby branches that have been cut back many times, and suckers grow straight up that have to be pruned every year.

I spied this row of ready-to-plant saplings next to the orchard this morning. I wonder if they're finally going to replace the old trees?

mon, 1/ 25

Two moms from Cory's class, Jennifer (Allison's mom) and Renee (Avery's mom), walking back down to the parking lot after dropping off their kids in the classroom.

I sometimes stay to chat with other moms for a few minutes, but today I took a quick picture and dashed off to work.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sun, 1/ 24

Today was a typical rainy Pacific Northwest day, but that didn't stop the boys and me from going for a walk + bike ride.

You can't tell from this picture, of course, but I had the sense to wear a coat and bring an umbrella. :P

sat, 1/ 23

Cory's hair is so long, he enjoyed the feeling of swooshing it around in the bath tonight.

Not sure why the lighting turned out so golden in this photo (taken right after the other one), but I think it looks cool. Cory wanted to be sure we captured how slicked down his hair was.

He has mixed feelings about curly hair. Which I guess is at least an improvement on how I felt at his age. I wished like crazy that I had straight hair and people at the bank and out shopping would stop saying I looked "just like Shirley Temple!" as I had no idea who that was. Now, of course, I'm thankful for having curly, wash-and-wear hair. :-)

fri, 1/ 22

When I arrived to drop off Niall at Grandma's this evening, my 3YO nephew Rolly was already there visiting, curled up on Grandma's bed watching "Bob the Builder" on the little TV in her room. I'd just given it to him for a belated birthday gift, so I was happy to see him enjoying it so much.

Cory still watches Bob occasionally but his days of being obsessed with the builder are over, methinks. His heart has been mostly captured by bigger, bolder, more dramatic adventures these days (AKA Star Wars).