Saturday, July 3, 2010

sat, 7/ 184

Niall is delighting in picking a few leaves from plants in our new little herb garden (in a pot on the deck) and chopping them up to include in a dish of chicken ramen.

A little fresh thyme, basil, oregano - just the thing!

Friday, July 2, 2010

fri, 7/ 183

Cory has been dying to buy Toy Story Legos ever since he saw that that's what I got his friend for his birthday Sunday. He's counted up his money, and wants to do some chores to earn the last $2 toward this particular set.

I wasn't sure how much they cost, so I promised the next time I was at Freddy's, I get the pricing info for him. Cameras come in handy. :-)

thu, 7/ 182

Lunch again with Kellen! This time we were both a little more pressed for time, so just swung by the cafeteria at work.

Two lunch visits in one week - very nice.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wed, 6/ 181

A view of the outdoor pools at Samena Swim and Recreation Club where the boys are in camp (this week and next week). There are also (heated) indoor pools for lessons.

Fortunately they're both enjoying it just fine now, though there are always little quibbles ("They made us RUN for tennis" - Cory).

tue, 6/ 180

I picked up Kellen today for a lunch date at Red Robin(including strawberry lemonades - yum!), and to go clothes shopping at Sears. He starts his new job at Uwajimaya tomorrow so white shirts with collars and black pants were on the list. Also picked up some socks and underwear while we were there. What are moms for? :D

We had a great visit together. What a wonderful young man he is (and no, of course I'm not biased :P).

mon, 6/ 179

First day of camp at Samena for Niall and Cory. They were bushed by the time I picked them up at 5:30 and nothing but tired complaints. Sigh. Hopefully they'll pick up a bit as the week progresses.

sun, 6/ 178

Tynor's learner's permit came in the mail yesterday - very fast! We were just at the DOL Wednesday afternoon doing the paperwork, and they said 10 days to 2 weeks. Nice to have the speedier service - especially after the crazy ordeal we went through to get Tynor's birthdate fixed after spotting the "3-18-1994" on the final photo preview!

Cory and I went to a birthday party today for his friend Charlie, and they had The Reptile Man come and bring his snakes, lizards, and...this friendly little alligator.

Both Cory and I enjoyed holding her...briefly! :O