Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 187 ... july 6]

An all-too-common view of Niall in the back seat of the van as we zipped down the road. Turns out that giving the kids cameras to take all the photos their heart's desire is a good way to get 15-20 minutes of relative peace, so we have a lot of entertaining pictures by/of Niall and Cory at various stages of the trip. Cory took this one on our way to Deer Park, our second "base," this time in Buffalo, WY.

Deer Park is a really pleasant RV park, with lots of grass and trees, nice pool (usually heated), laundry, etc. In Wyoming, just having trees (SHADE!) and grass is a big perk. Well - the pool, too, but those are all but de rigor for RV parks here.

On the way to Deer Park, Sieglinde rode with me and Tynor rode shotgun with Vicki and the girls, so my sister and I actually had time to catch up a bit, in and around interruptions from the little ones, of course. It was a rare and delightful treat, I must say. Glad she thought of it! :-)

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