Saturday, November 6, 2010

sat, 11/ 310

This morning was an eye checkup for Niall, as it had been several years (whoops). We've been going to Dr. Barnhart for a long time now. Good people and close by to boot.

Happily they don't do the nasty "puff" in your eyes to test for glaucoma anymore, so we didn't have that to deal with for Niall and his very sensitive faculties.

He actually enjoyed the visit and everything looks perfect, so that's a relief too.

fri, 11/ 309

Seemed like a good day for Chinese food, so we stopped by Chan's Place on the way home. Cory was practically loopy from a combination of hunger, after school playdate, being tired, and maybe a long week at school (?), so I took him in with me to order and wait for our takeout.

It's very crowded at Chinese restaurants on Friday nights!

But we entertained ourselves while waiting by taking photos and (in Cory's case) being a little goofy. Good to finally get home with the food and start the weekend.

thu, 11/ 308

Couple of cute kids on their way up to class this morning. :-)

Actually, I was suddenly struck by how "big kid" Niall is looking. Wow. Sometimes it seems like they make an overnight leap to a new level. Maybe it was the sweatshirt + backpack + ukelele bag combination.

Almost 10 now...and looking every inch of it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

wed, 11/ 307

Cory and I tried out the new "far side" path at school today.

It's a pretty walk through the woods, but it means parking on the other side, which means battling through the congestion of cars dropping off at the turnaround when I'm getting ready to leave (since we arrive on the early side).

So, worth a try but probably not on our regular agenda.

Nice new cedar bark path on the near side of the lot now too, though. I expect we'll use that one a lot!

tue, 11/ 306

After a warm, pleasant day for Halloween, the next day the rains came showering in. The car was practically swimming on the way to work with Cory yesterday.

The wind blew down most of the fall leaves too, so the streets were covered in wet leaves. Very pretty patterns (not so easy to capture in quick snapshots, though :P).

mon, 11/ 305

Today was another day off from school for Niall and Cory. Niall spent last night at Grandma's, so I took Cory to work with me for a bit in the morning.

Here he is making a map of my "old building" and my "new building" on campus. In case I get lost, I guess. :D