Friday, March 26, 2010

fri, 3/ 85

Cory got this little umbrella at Legoland when we were there (almost three years ago now!). It was the perfect size for him then - but he's grown just a tad!

He was still delighted when we rediscovered it recently, hanging behind some other stuff on the coat rack. He's happy to have it at school where apparently it's "in" to have your umbrella with you at outside time. :P

thu, 3/ 84

I had fun playing with an online photo program called Big Huge Labs the other day. I'm sure I could have done something similar with Photoshop Elements but was just goofing around with quick-and-easy photo morphs, collages, etc.

This was Niall with a pumpkin from last Fall, though it's hard to tell with the funky color scheme. :-)

wed, 3/ 83

Today was dress rehearsal for "Annie"! The kids dressed up in their orphan costumes were just darling. Especially the boys in their cropped pants and suspenders. Quite a different look from the usual t-shirt and sweatpants for Niall.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

tue, 3/ 82

Niall definitely needed a haircut before we head off to the very warm weather in Malawi next week. He wanted to wait until after "Annie" was over, so he could pretend his ratty hair was because he was an orphan.

Of course, the final show is on a Thursday night, and we leave the next day on our trip. Not exactly a lot of time in there for zipping in for a haircut.

This photo is from Sunday when he and I headed down to Great Clips so Julie could cut his hair. Now it's nice and short for our adventure! I think it looks adorable for an "orphan," too. :D

mon, 3/ 81

Niall with his good friend Connor, on the Jay Slide climber at school. They've been friends since they were four and both in Stephen's class. What an excellent year that was!

Here they've paused for a few minutes in their efforts to climb up the fireman's pole, after spending a half hour wandering around campus, up and down all the climbers. (This photo is from Saturday when we had the "Annie" work party at school.)

sun, 3/ 80

The house in our neighborhood with the "new goats" (that we just discovered a few months ago) has a beautiful tulip tree in the front yard, and it's in full bloom. Love it!

It reminds me of the tulip tree at the Freeway House in Bellingham where we lived when I was 7-9 years old. My sister and I used to turn the tulip flowers upside down and make tiny ladies with lovely ballroom dresses.

sat, 3/ 79

We headed down to Little School today after Cory's gymnastics for an Annie work party. Orphan costumes, brick wall and back-lit window backdrops, and cute little beds with sheets. All coming together nicely.

Here's Cory mimicking me documenting the work party. :-)

After dinner, we celebrate Tynor's 16th birthday! Which was actually yesterday, but - too busy to give him proper attention then.

I tried a new cake which was supposed to be "rich, dark chocolate" but...not so much. I had in mind "fudgy" and this almost mealy. Sigh. Maybe that's what five eggs will do (hey, at least we used up a lot of eggs!).

Tynor and Niall seemed to think it was ok. Cory and I were definitely in the opposite camp. Guess I'll just have to make him a proper traditional frosted chocolate cake to make up for it!