Saturday, November 20, 2010

sat, 11/ 324

Harry Potter movie night! This year's episode: The Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

(The following is from a thank you note to my friend Kim, who hosts this wonderful event for us lucky friends)

Just updating my 365 blog for last weekend, and reliving the joy of Saturday night. Your Harry Potter movie events are one of the highlights of my year! I love looking forward to them (anticipation is half the fun, right?), and then arriving to chat with my HP-event friends, savor delicious appetitizers, and finally, settle in to those amazingly cushy, comfy seats to enjoy dinner and take in the movie. Just hard to imagine a better time in any way, shape or form.

So thank you again, for dreaming this up and making it happen for all of us. Truly a remarkable and delightful evening. :-)

fri, 11/ 323

Niall gave me a quick tour of his classroom this morning, since we didn't have time for it on Monday.

I love seeing all the wonderful things the kids are up to. These "heart maps" especially touched me. Something we all could benefit from, I think: reminders of what is important to us, what has touched us, made us happy or sad, where we've been, what we're grateful for.

The class made heart maps as part of thinking about personal narrative writing - bringing small moments and stories into writing to bring it to life. I love that Alice is helping them explore this, not just teaching them the "five paragraph essay" and the rote parts of writing. The heart and soul of writing is so important, and can get lost in world of precise but vacuous prose.

thu, 11/ 322

Today is the day Microsoft FTEs can get their new WP7 phones, and at the Commons, the lines at the carriers showed everyone's eagerness to get their hands on one.

I waited in line at AT&T for a bit, but then found out that they don't have the phone I want in stock (Samsung Focus). The store in Woodinville did, but I didn't quite make it there this evening. Hopefully this weekend, though!

I can't wait - not least of which because my BlackJack II has lost the ability to post to Facebook. How I've lived without that for the past few weeks is beyond me. :P

Friday, November 19, 2010

wed, 11/ 321

Spent all afternoon today at a customer site visit at Lake Washington Technical College, learning about their current technology and processes, and sharing the Office 365 cloud story.

It was a fascinating visit. I find it so intriguing to learn about the intertwined, complicated factors that keep people doing what they're doing with technology instead of moving to (or toward) solutions that would provide better, faster, easier-to-maintain service to the people they serve. It's never simple out there in the real world with this stuff.

I was also amazed to see how BIG the LWTC campus is! I've driven by the entrance any number of times, but it's just a driveway and a sign. The campus and buildings are tucked away in a valley off the road, and it's an enormous place, as it turns out. Learn something new all the time.

tue, 11/ 320

The holiday sentiments are up at Starbucks (accompanied by a price hike, as I discovered when I ordered my usual hot cocoa and the price was off! :-( ). And while I'm a firm believer in "not until after Thanksgiving!" for Christmas festivities, I really liked this little sign.

Cute font, darling layout, perfect sentiment.

Perhaps something similar will be appearing on a scrapbook page near me someday. :P

mon, 11/ 319

Had my Fall observation in Niall's class this morning, and enjoyed watching a spirited discussion about upcoming oceanic changes and the silly bandz craze. Then Alice and I had a great conference, discussing all the ways Niall has grown and developed. Since she was his teacher last year too, she's seen him come a long ways. Also chatted about the rest of the family, including Tynor's world (she taught Tynor for two years too!)

As part of my observation, I got to watch Tom teaching ukelele to half of the class. Niall has been practicing at home, but not regularly. After watching the lesson, I had renewed inspiration to make sure he gets out the uke for even 5 minutes each night, to get his fingers used to those frets and strings. Makes such a difference!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sun, 11/ 318

We finally went for a family swim today, after months of thinking "We should do that sometime." Ended up going to the Mountlake Terrace pool because I knew the water would be relatively warm (compared to Bellevue Aquatic - another good option).

We had a minor crisis at first, when Niall somehow left his goggles at home. Not. Good. But happily, Tynor had thrown some in his bag "just in case" so he retrieved those and all was copasetic once more. Whew.

I was surprised how much Cory remembered about swimming, having not been in a pool since his last swim lesson back in May. He loved it, too. I'll definitely have to get the two boys back into regular swimming (lessons or otherwise) when we get back from the holidays in January.

sat, 11/ 317

Today I enjoyed several hours of scrapbooking, playing with bright colors and patterns, arranging photos, and adding extras here and there.

The result was a bit busy for my taste. But the process was SO much fun!