Friday, July 30, 2010

sat, 7/ 212

Tynor is eager to get more hours of driving practice, and I wanted to go on a road trip. So when I found out that my childhood friend Janet was visiting Bellingham (from her home in Maryland), the two came together into a daytrip north!
We had fish-n-chips from "the bus" in Fairhaven. SO yummy. Then headed over to Fairhaven Park, where we explored the trails, played on the swings, rode bikes, splashed in the sprinklers (just a bit - it wasn't very warm out). I want to come back when we all have our bikes to ride the trails.

Next up was a brief tour of two houses I lived in as a teen, and then down to Boulevard Park, right on the water where we had a picnic snack and more playing. A cool "boat" climber, big rocks, and a bright, beautiful mural. It started to rain, so we packed up and headed across town to Janet's.

It was wonderful to see her and her (big!) boys. Noah and David entertained the little guys with pool and Monopoly so Janet and I actually had a chance to chat. Wonderful! Also got to visit with her parents a bit too, so that was a double pleasure.

And lastly, we headed over to a nearby cafe for a late afternoon cocoa-and-treats visit with Seth. Then south on I-5, and home by 7! Fabulous day.

fri, 7/ 211

I've enjoyed watching Cory playing with his little group of Star-Wars-loving boys at camp. But today I caught sight of Niall in line with his group (Adventurers B) after I got Cory settled in, and Niall was already busy playing some kind of fingerplay/singsong game with four other boys in his line.

And this afternoon when I picked the boys up, Niall announced that he had gotten an award for "Respect" and got to throw a shaving cream pie at one of the Voyager (oldest group) counselors. He was pretty tickled. And I was delighted. An award for respect? My impetuous, impulsive boy? SO wonderful to hear.

Camp is a good thing.

thu, 7/ 210

I made a solo run to Costo this evening after dinner, since we were out of Tillamook cheese and I needed to get gas anyway. I confess that once I got inside, I wandered around a bit, as well as getting the couple of items we needed. So relaxing to just windowshop for a few minutes all by myself.

I'm totally coveting this sofa. Our family room couches are sooooo old. And I love the lounger. But I just don't think it would fit in our little family room. Sigh.

wed, 7/ 209

I was surprised to see Niall present this beautiful art work after camp today. He really got into using the different groundup materials in glue patterns and shapes.

I sometimes forget, in the midst of all his devotion to math, science, and history - not to mention physical frolics - that he really, really enjoys art too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tue, 7/ 208

Several windows in the office buildings in my new area have these funky post-it art creations. I get such a kick out of them.

mon, 7/ 207

On Friday, I met with a trainer at the Pro Club (finally!) and got a great orientation to some of the equipment, some stretching exercises I could try, and more. Janette was terrific. If I decide to splurge for some 1:1 trainer time, I'm definitely looking her up.

In the meantime, I actually went back to the gym today and worked out on my own. One step at a time. :-)