Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 181 ... june 30]

These Top of the Stove Cookies have been a favorite since I was a teenager. The recipe comes from "The Alaskan Cookbook" (I think I have that right), though I've seen a lot of similar recipes elsewhere since. These are still the best! The recipe calls for a "square" of butter and we used to wonder whether that meant a cube (1/2 cup) or a tablespoon - big difference! We finally settled on the 1/2 cup version.

They're also humidity-dependent and don't set up well if the weather isn't dry enough. Sometimes they're more like gooey chocolate globs than cookies, especially if you don't boil the mix quite long enough.

But they are amazingly, intensely delicious when they turn out right. Definitely a recipe to pass down through the family.

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