Friday, February 5, 2010

fri, 2/ 36

Today was the big day! For going to see "Avatar," that is.

Tynor and I have been working on a mom-and-son date to see "Avatar" in IMAX 3D (that was my dream, at least - he just wanted to see the movie :-) since he got back from LA after New Year's. It meant figuring out childcare for both younger kids and picking an evening when it would work out reasonably well to go all the way into Seattle to the Pacific Science Center where the movie is showing. I get a great discount with a Prime card (from work), but you have to buy the tickets in person to get the discount. Oh, and most shows are selling out way in advance.

With all of these special challenges, I'm amazed it finally did work out. It was definitely worth it! It was great having the time with Tynor, all to myself (a rare treat), and the movie was *fabulous*. Can't wait to see it again.

As we left the movie, the Pacific Science Center arches were lit up beautifully. I don't think I've seen them at night, or not for a long time. Loved it!

thu, 2/ 35

This is me! Well...not really. :D It was doppleganger week on Facebook recently, and at first I didn't join in since I don't think I look like anyone famous.

Not now, anyway - but then I remembered that when I was a child, strangers used to stop my mom on the street and exclaim at how I looked "just like Shirley Temple." Since I had no idea who Shirley Temple was, I remember feeling quite annoyed when this happened. "I'm just me, I'm not any Shirley Temple," I would think to myself.

Of course, eventually I learned that people were paying me a compliment, but not until many years later when my blonde curls had darkened to dirty-dishwasher blonde (so my sister called it :D), then light brown, and finally dark brown. The curls go on though!

wed, 2/ 34

So happy, happy, happy. I'm finally putting together my hardcopy version of Project 365 2009, using Becky Higgins' new Project Life scrapbook kit. It's a lot of work to put together after-the-fact! But also SO much fun to revisit all of these days of little moments and big events from the past year.

I'm just finding spots for all the pictures week by week for now, and then I'll go back and (another big job!) figure out where to slip in the journaling. At least all the memories are already written up right here on the blog, ready to be transcribed. :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tue, 2/ 33

My new slippers! Ahhhh... cushy new slippers from Sears. I absolutely need to wear slippers in the house or my feet get frostbite (practically) from the wood floors. The cushioning helps my poor feet in general, too, which are not happy to go barefoot on hard surfaces these days.

So, much happiness to have my comfy new indoor footwear, finally.

Cory has been home sick the first few days of the week. Just a cold, but not eating terribly well, runny nose - seemed better to keep him home. He's been in very good spirits, though, and has been playing and generally pretty happy.

Luckily (well, not for him, but for me) Tynor was also not feeling well yesterday and today, so I was able to leave Cory home some of the time and dash down to work for some meetings. Hectic couple of days, though.

mon, 2/ 32

When we cleaned out Kellen's room after he moved to Seattle, we found several boxes of cards. All sorts: Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and more. I stashed them in the living room with other boxes of assorted stuff "for now" so Tynor could move into the room (so I could have Tynor's room for my craft room!).

Fast forward from then (September) until now (umm, February), and I still hadn't finished going through the Kellen stuff. Niall finally asked if we could sort cards for special play time tonight, since he's had his eye on those Pokemon cards pretty much all this time. Seemed like an inspired idea to me, so we dug in.

Of course, it took less than 20 minutes to go through most of the cards, with both of us sorting them. Niall is ecstatic to have all those new cards, and my living room is one step closer to being...less cluttered. :-)