Friday, November 26, 2010

sat, 11/ 331

What started as the simple task of moving the desk over to the wall so we could fit the table next to it turned into a complete cleanup and sorting out of the junk in the computer room.

What a job! So many old CD-ROMs, computer cords, doodads of every kind tucked away into little containers here and there. Glad to get through as much of it as we did, but hoo boy - so much junk.

While we were at it, I moved the boys' computer over to the table so they wouldn't keep driving me nuts kicking the cupboard under the corner computer cabinet.

fri, 11/ 330

Cory had a tumultuous morning at Grandma and Grandpa's.

We had a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, and Cory's tooth finally came out - first one! Very exciting. Though he seems to have swallowed it - whoops!(I told him the Tooth Fairy pays double if you swallow the tooth by mistake, so he didn't get too upset over losing it.)

But then - a big to-do with Grandma over not picking up blocks (and even throwing them :-( ) so a timeout to himself for a good part of the late morning. Sigh.

Finally he recovered enough to apologize to Grandma, and he and I took Hally for a walk up to the mailboxes and back.

A rainy, rainy day and no more snow to be seen. We packed up and headed south about noon, with a stop for fish & chips at the Fairhave bus.

thu, 11/ 329

We headed up to Bellingham about midday, picking up Kellen along the way. All my boys with me for the holiday - yay!

It snowed all morning, so we used chains to get out to the main road, and then things were fine from there. More snow in B'ham, but the roads were manageable. Tynor drove all the way, so got some practice with snow and slush.

Dad and Marian served a delicious, free-range turkey dinner with all the fixings. It was delicious! Seth and I brought potatoes and we had quite the feast.

The best part was being with everyone else. The only downside; wish my other two brothers had made it as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wed, 11/ 328

More sledding fun today! This time we headed to the steeper hill south of us, and spent several hours there with neighbors, sledding over and over.

The "Flyer" was particularly speedy on that hill - whee! Cory and I enjoyed going down together. A bit fast for him by himself.

tue, 11/ 327

A no-school, work-at-home day capped by some great sledding in the afternoon!

More cold tomorrow (they say lows in the mid-teens tonight!), so the snow is likely to stick around. The boys will be thrilled! I sure hope some of it melts by Thursday morning, though, so we can get to Bellingham safely.

mon, 11/ 326

Sunday's light snowfall was just a taste of today's real snow. Much to the boys' delight, by the time we got to school this morning, there was snow on the ground there - close to an inch. Hooray! Schools in Seattle (including PSCS) were already closed.

Unfortunately the roads were starting to get treacherous on the East side too, so Tynor and I stayed at TLS for the morning, working online from the art room. When they announced that school would close at 1:00, he and I headed over to Starbucks for a cup of cocoa, then came back for the little guys.

This is Cory at home later in the afternoon, enjoying the snowfall and seeing if he can catch a snowflake on his tongue.

sun, 11/ 325

Niall and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood today, in lightly falling snow, just the two of us. It was delightful.

Along the way, Niall came across a cardboard beer carton and a plastic cup lid, and decided to do a little litter patrol. Happily, the next litter item unused red plastic bag! Fate was definitely looking out for us. :-) We picked up items here and there all the rest of the way home, and Niall went back later with a bigger bag to retrieve some of the litter we'd missed.

So we not only had a nice mom-and-son walk, but our little hill is a bit tidier now as well.