Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 189 ... july 8]

Once in Buffalo, we realized that we couldn't actually make day trips to Yellowstone from there. Much too far, especially with those Big Horn Mountains in the way. So we decided to all move camp over to a spot near Cody, and then the next day, we'd each head off into Yellowstone for a quick touch-and-see visit before peeling off for our respective trips home. Much less Yellowstone time that I'd thought we'd get, but that's how it goes sometimes when you're planning "as you go" (and as a group, no less), and you don't know the local distances or terrains.

Before we left Deer Park, we tried to get the brake lights and turn signals working on the tent trailer, which had been not working or acting up the whole trip. Grandpa replaced the trailer plug but even after a lot of finagling, he was only able to get the right brake and turn signal to work. Better than none at all, for sure! Something to get fixed when we get back. Sieglinde and Vicki had brakes and lights issues, too, and ended up going into a local shop to get their repaird (their trailer brakes weren't working, so that was a bit more serious, with the mountains we were set to climb over).

Since we knew tonight would be our last night with our traveling companions, we figured out how to attach the much-loved new bikes to our own vehicles, so we could take them back with us instead of sending them with the grandparents. Here's Tynor on top of the van, taking a photo of his handiwork. We secured one bike to the big bikes on top and strapped Cory's onto the hitch around the propane tanks. Worked like a charm.

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