Friday, February 12, 2010

wed, 2/ 41

A nice display of watercolors that Cory's class created a while back. Cory is standing next to/under his painting which has this caption:

"This is the snow falling. This is the kid's mom and that is the 'snow' in Chinese. I wrote snow in Chinese."

(Those are a couple of paper creations from Extended Day that he's hamming it up with in the photo.)

tue, 2/ 40

After having toaster waffles at Extended Day snack one day, Cory has become a huge fan. He has 2-3 for breakfast every morning that we have them on hand.

I love this brand, which is only $2 at Trader Joe's. Multigrain, no dairy, no extra preservatives or other "stuff," tasty. Even with a bit of maple syrup, they're still pretty healthy and they get Cory off to a great start in the morning.

Niall isn't nearly as much of a morning eater and just nibbles on a half a piece of bread, butter & honey usually. Along with his customary cup of hot cocoa, of course. At least that has some protein in it.

mon, 2/ 39

I picked up the boys after school today because Cory was a bit under the weather in the morning. Didn't want him to do a full day + Extended Day when he was 100%.

We walked over to the turnaround to meet Niall, and he pointed out this cool "face" that had appeared on the concrete from the light shining through the tree branches together with the painting on the wall. Two bright "eyes" and a sea creature "mouth." Fun!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sun, 2/ 38

The comics are an integral part of our typical mornings, as I go get the paper from the front porch and divide it up between Niall (comics), me (Local News, Ask Amy, front section) and Cory (weather, and "Please read Garfield to me!").

On Sundays, Niall still gets the comics first as I sort through the paper, recycling the mountains of ads (except the Fred Meyer flyer - must have that :-) and saving the sections that we want to read.

Today we had a semi-regular treat of iced cinnamon rolls to go with our paper. From a can but still piping hot, reasonably tasty, and gobbled down quickly.

sat, 2/ 37

This scene of tranquility off the deck at my mom's house in Bothell belies a day of running around all over the place taking kids to gymnastics and swimming and birthday parties.

But I took a moment to enjoy the peaceful view, before dashing back to the car to head off to the next stop.