Monday, July 13, 2009

[day 179 ... june 28]

Grandma Shannon came over this morning to play with the munchkins so I could have a bit of time off to "play." I decided to go to the Bellevue Bontanical Gardens because I've heard about them for years and never been there. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, and the gardens were lovely and peaceful. I brought a sandwich lunch and sat on an arbor bench, enjoying the quiet and watching a bird land nearby who eyed my lunch with anticipation. Enjoyed wandering the paths afterwards and seeing the flowers, plants, bridges, rock garden, and water features. It's just past rhody and azalea season, but I can see what splendor those blooming bushes must display when they are in full show. Makes me want to come back to see the gardens in various seasons of blooms.

These rock sculptures reminded me of the much shorter rock stacks we made on the beach on Lopez a summer or two ago with my sister and her family. I think the highest stack was just 7 or 8 rocks. (Methinks these ones are anchored together somehow.)

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