Saturday, October 9, 2010

sun, 10/ 283

Cory and I ran errands this afternoon, and I loved these pumpkins painted on the window at Trader Joe's. They had boring surfer paintings up for the longest time. These are much better!

I might even be getting into the Fall festive spirit here if I don't watch out. :P

sat, 10/ 282

Cory's friend Zoe had her birthday party at Skate King today - Cory's first time skating! I think Niall has gone before, but it had been a long time. I hadn't skated in ages either...but rediscovered how much I enjoy it!

Niall started out frustrated and complaining, but stuck with it, gritting his teeth seemingly. Then as he figured out his balance more and more, he improved quickly, and the big smiles came. Cory had a great time trying it out and got much better over the course of the afternoon.

My back is going to feel it from all that tugging and pulling of kids off balance, but I loved skating around on my own when I had the chance. We'll definitely be doing this again soon. Can't wait!

fri, 10/ 281

Niall has been asking to go back to visit Carissa, as I promised we would after we ended our sessions with her. And today was the day! The boys were off school and Carissa had a nice long break at lunchtime, so we headed over to Shoreline for a midday visit.

It was great to see her, and the boys - especially Niall - were really happy to be back. We hung out in one of the treatment rooms and chatted, and the boys wrestled and bopped around and played mischievously. Carissa is so amazing. Just engages in such a fun, physical way with them without letting things get out of hand. I miss her too!

thu, 10/ 280

This week, a third extended day group was started at school for the 6-year-olds (there are 5-7 of them). I think it's a really good move, since the oldest kids' extended day was so crowded and the age range just really a lot to manage, for everyone concerned.

Cory wasn't happy about it. He loves being with the big kids, exploring the woods, having the big sandbox to dig in, playing "Candi tag." But he and Niall already have too much "together" time with regular school outside time, and being apart for the late afternoon can only be to the good. They will both be a lot happier in separate groups, and the staff will be much less stressed out too. Good all around. But an adjustment, too.

Here Cory and Maya are listening to one last story, read by wonderful Diana (also Cory's lunch teacher).

wed, 10/ 279

Got to see Tynor in the middle of the day today as we had an appointment together. Always a treat to have a bit of extra time with him, busy teen that he is and busy mom that I am.

Here he is heading off to catch a bus back across the lake to school so he can go to his last class of the day, then see a movie with his dad and Juliana tonight.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tue, 10/ 278

Little School has a new addition to their music program this year. Former teacher Tom is now sharing his love of music with the little kids in the classroom, teaching rhythm and basic notes along with singing fun songs of course. And he's teaching the older kids, in the Woods Building, how to play the ukelele. I love it!

His "classroom" is the Woods courtyard, where he has small groups of students join him on music days. As we gather in the mornings before school, we've been treated to this fine array of ukes laid out ready for action later in the day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

mon, 10/ 277

Had such a fun lunch today with my friends Laurel (who took the photo), Judy, and Karen! It took nearly an act of Congress to get a day and time that would work for all of us (especially, umm, me). But it was worth it!

We all have teenage kids, three of us have children who have left the nest. So much in common, and so many different experiences to share as well. It's all good. :-)

We're planning another lunch next month. Already on the calendar. Fervently hoping no last minute meetings come up.

sun, 10/ 276

Cory loved getting the cardboard boxes from the IKEA furniture I built today (chair, footstool, and bookcase) and was inspired to make this airplane!

It was amazing to see him so busy making one thing after another for it, after he finished the basic body and wings: windshield, a box engine (with pipes coming out for the wires), dashboard, food and drinks. The ideas just kept coming.

Then he decided to make a book to go along with it, that describes the plane and explains how he made different parts. He made the book and drew the pictures, and I wrote down his (long!) explanations.

Next up: he'll ask Steve if he can bring it to school to show his friends. Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that. :D

sat, 10/ 275

Niall was checking under the enormous squash leaves in the garden this morning, and found four big zucchinis! This was the biggest one. He was quite impressed with his discoveries.

And now...what to do with enormous zucchinis? Everyone says grate them and freeze them for winter zucchini bread, but I don't know if we have enough freezer space for all of it! And honestly, no one is THAT crazy about zucchini bread. Hmm.

While Niall was off on a playdate with his friend John, the other boys and I headed down to IKEA for an overdue shopping trip. I was especially glad Tynor was along this time, not just for the company, but because we ended up getting a lot of stuff (queen bed frame, bookcase, two more sets of shelving for the garage, chair, footstool, set of glasses). We needed two carts to get it back to the car!

Cory looks a bit (just a bit?!) bored in this photo but he was a trooper for the most part, considering how long we dinked around and mulled over the possibilities in various areas (this chair cover? Brown or birch? Where's that queen bed I saw here before??). We had yummy Swedish meatballs for a late lunch and the fries perked him up. :D

Unfortunately I lost track of my purse somewhere in there, so had a few moments of panic before one of the IKEA workers called customer service and assured me that it had been turned in. WHEW. Everything was still in it too. Much relief!