Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 186 ... july 5]

Grandpa brought bikes for both younger boys, and this morning Niall learned to ride without training wheels! Hooray! Grandpa ran along behind him for just a few minutes and then Niall was off to the races. Didn't take him much longer to learn how to get started by himself, too, and then he was really independent. Just loved riding around and around - such joy! And on gravel, too. Quite an accomplishment. :-) Cory is loving riding his new bike with training wheels. He'll be ready for two-wheels before long too, but - not just yet.

The boys are loving having a pool to play in! Niall, especially. I just love being able to get in the water and cool off - whew.

Sieglinde, Vicki and the girls drove many miles a day and met up with us this afternoon. So glad to see them! Turns out they drove all this way across the midwest without any AIR CONDITIONING too. Unbelievable! They were happy to take a long dip in the pool too.

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