Saturday, June 12, 2010

sat, 6/ 163

Cory's gymnastics class had an "awards" ceremony today, and I nearly missed it! I did miss his solo turn on the stand, just by a few minutes. But I caught the rest of the fun, including him standing up there with his classmates and coaches. They sure got a kick out of the medals and all the applause.

Josie and Kellen came to spend the weekend with us, and the weather was beautiful! They brought yummy chocolate chip cookie dough and baked fresh cookies for everyone, first thing.

It was great to have some time with them. So glad they came!

Friday, June 11, 2010

fri, 6/ 162

I kind of spontaneously decided today to attend the last Meadows singalong of the year, much to Cory's delight and surprise. I don't think I've been to a single one this year, since we usually have a mid-day meeting every Friday.

This is Cory continuing to keep his fingers on all the different touchpoints for "Put Your Finger In The Air, In The Air." Funny boy!

thu, 6/ 161

Cory at his annual checkup, with our favorite hygienist, Laura.

Such a big boy, standing so still getting his panoramic x-rays.

wed, 6/ 160

The Board of Trustees has chosen a new Head of School at Little School! He's a local administrator with many years of experience in education and leadership. He's never been a head of school, but then, our last head of school had only been a teacher before (but at Little School, so he had institutional knowledge going for him).

I'm looking forward to meeting our new Head, and I hope he will have the drive and leadership to continue the work that our previous Head began. Holding a good thought.

tue, 6/ 159

For the last week of school, the windy road we drive down to the roundabouts on our way to school will be closed. They're replacing the culvert under the road, so it'll be closed for the whole summer!

So, must plan for some extra time in the commute this coming week, and every week thereafter when we head south for a summer camp.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

mon, 6/ 158

Our new freezer, finally installed, leveled, and ready to sit just one more night before we turn it on and start transferring everything over.

Well - not everything, because there are items in the old chest freezer that have been there since we moved to this house seven years ago. And who knows how long some of them had been in there in the old house (!).

Now I just have to figure out what you do with an old freezer. Maybe offer it for free and see if someone wants it? Still works, it seems, but needs a freezer alarm because the light on front has gone out.

sun, 6/ 157

We visited Annette and Arabella again today, this time at their new house! Just 12 minutes from our house - very cool. (They used to live in CA so this is MUCH close. :D)

Cory and Arabella were a kick together. We tried playing a game of Candyland that lasted for awhile, and then switched to Shoots & Ladders. Maybe 5 minutes of that and they were done! Then they started playing a game of running downstairs, and then back up to sit in the little rocking chair (Arabella) and the big rocking chair (Cory). Bella especially thought that was just the funniest thing.

Our other adventure today was buying a new freezer - quickly, because the 20+ year old chest freezer is definitely on its last legs. So now we need to get the new one installed, plugged in, and everything transferred asap. Some aspects you can't rush, though: the freezer has to stay vertical for 24 hours after being moved on its side (lying down in the back of the van) so all the coolant can settle back down where it belongs. But we'll get there.

sat, 6/ 156

Today was a TLS group outing at the Mariners! We had cheap tickets ($11 each) way up high in the left-field seats. I've never sat there before. Have always been in left field above the foul line post.

Niall finally got to see a Mariners game, which he has been pining after for several years now. Both boys did very well, especially for a 3.5 hour game in which we got trounced by the Angels. :-(

On the good side, our first run was Ichiro crossing the plate for his 1000th run - 3rd best in Mariners history!

We had some yummy Ivars fish & chips (Cory had "chips" - lots of them :D), a red rope licorice, some pumpkin muffins from home, and a bag of pepperoni sticks. And the boys wanted still more food! That's one way to pass the time at a game, especially if you're too young to drink beer (at $7.50 a pop - ouch).

Both boys enjoyed watching the field faaaar below through the binoculars, and then taking pictures (with very good zoom cameras, fortunately) of the batters, pitchers, and runners.

It was a beautiful day - our first in weeks, it seems - so the roof was open, the sun was out, it was just the right temperature. A very nice day indeed.