Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[day 188 ... july 7]

A relaxing day in Buffalo. Some pool play, and time to relax in the shade by the tent trailer, sorting postcards (and writing a few). Siegline & Co, along with Grandpa and Grandma, took off for a drive down Crazy Woman Canyon (I think?) but I didn't think the little guys would enjoy a whole lot of driving down bumpy winding roads just to see some gorgeous rocks and river views.
So we skipped the drive and instead headed over to "Wyoming's Largest Swimming Pool" at a park in Buffalo. It was indeed huge! Also verrrry chilly. I was the only one who ended up doing any swimming. Cory enjoyed the water canon area, though, and then we eventually migrated over to a big play area right next to the pool. It was pretty toasty, even in the shade, but bearable.
After dinner, we all drove over to the fairgrounds (every town in Wyoming has a fairgrounds!) to see the Cowgirl Rodeo. It was quite fun, very lowkey but with official announcers and times measured and recorded.
Niall, Vicki and the girls sat right down in front where they were close to the action. There were girls racing around weave polls right there, followed later by a goat-wrangling. Quite entertaining (not so much for the goat, perhaps, but it didn't seem harmed at all). In the main rodeo area, there was barrel racing, followed by calf roping and then steer roping. All quite exciting, for those of us who have rarely, if ever, been to a rodeo before.

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