Friday, November 6, 2009

[day 310... nov 6]

It's the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street! I love that they had Michelle Obama as a guest for the anniversary program. Perfect!

I didn't watch Sesame Street in my childhood partly because it began when I was already 8, and partly because we didn't have a TV when I was young. But I do remember kids watching it when I babysat as a teenager and what a kick they got out of it. And of course, it's just an iconic program and characters, here and all over the world. Cory and Niall enjoy watching this in the mornings still - though sometimes Word World gets priority.

Google had some great Google Doodles this week for the occasion. I can't repost them here but...they were really fun. :-)

[day 309... nov 5]

This is my great-aunt Cathryn on the occasion of her 101st birthday, with her son Bob and his family. She passed away today, in her home where she had lived for many years, with family by her side. She was a remarkable lady who kept up her inquisitive spirit and keen life observations all her life.

I didn't meet her until she was well into her late 90's. My dad had been estranged from his family for many years, but was invited to attend Cathryn's 95th birthday and reconnected with her and many cousins and other relatives.

Several years later, I visited Cathryn with my dad and had a delightful time. Her hearing and eyesight were getting to be a challenge, but the conversations were just a treat. We visited again several times, and she showed me some of her needlework and unfinished projects - as we all have!

The last time I saw her was at a big party for her 100th birthday in July 2008. She enjoyed having many family members join her for a luncheon, and then we returned to her house in Lake Stevens for an afternoon visit outside on a beautiful day.

We are so lucky to have a detailed, rich autobiography that she wrote, so I've been able to learn so much about her life, especially the early days of familiy life for her and her many siblings (including my dad's father, Siegmund). Blessings and best always, Cathryn. We miss you!

[day 308... nov 4]

There's a pedestrian bridge over the freeway that we pass nearly every day on the way to school. It has a lovely arching line to it, and I have wanted to stop and photograph it for years now.

Today on the way home it looked especially fetching, rainswept with leaves decorating it, and I couldn't resist. I pulled over in the pouring rain, with the boys waiting in the car, got out, draped a jacket over my head and held it out over my camera, and took a few quick (but satisfying!) photos. Then a mad dash back to the car as the skies opened up and the wind whipped through the trees. Whee!

Maybe now that I've broken the ice, I'll find time to squeeze in a few more visits to the bridge and snap pictures to my heart's content. Love being inspired by regular, commonplace scenes that are part of our everyday lives but striking in their own unique ways.

[day 307... nov 3]

I glimpsed this scene on my way to Costco the other day, and had to come back to capture it on my next trip. There's a little lake that the road loops around, and the reflections and serenity really appealed to me.

I see photos everywhere I go, but can't stop to take them all unfortunately. I love to wander around just photographing whatever looks striking or appealing. Colors, contrast, composition, patterns... So many fascinating views of the world.

[day 306... nov 2]

Mushroom mania in our front yard this time of year. All different sorts appear, from tiny to medium to enormous. This is one of the middling ones that have cropped up here and there.

For some reason, Cory is afraid of them. He wants me to go out and remove them all - but that is not happening! I guess he just won't be playing out in front until they all fade away again. 'Til next year.

[day 305... nov 1]

I'm enjoying the fall colors so much this year. The wind blew through the other day and knocked down many of the leaves, but there are still some batches clinging here and there. Hope they last for another few weeks, at least.