Saturday, July 24, 2010

sun, 7/ 206

Annette invited Katrina (another SMC) and me and our kids over for dinner this evening. It's the first time Katrina and I have met, despite living only a half hour apart for 6 years or so and knowing each other on the SMC board all that time.

We also got to meet Annette's father - another Siegfried, which I hadn't known before.

The kids were adorable, especially Arabella and Eliana playing with each other. Niall and Cory entertained themselves nearly the whole time by roughhousing and playing hide-and-seek. A, K & I actually had a chance to chat a bit after dinner while the kids chased enough around - but only a few minutes!

sat, 7/ 205

Today was the July TLS "playdate" at the Big Field. Cory, Niall and I went and enjoyed a few hours of sun (shade, in my case :P), catching up with friends (at least I did!), and playing in the sprinklers. Niall actually didn't go in the water at all, somewhat to my surprise. He played some basketball and chatted with some of the grownups.

We got to meet one of our "buddy" families - a family new to the school that we've offered to team up with to help them get to know the community, customs, and so on. This family is a mom, Danna, and son, who are just moving back to Hollywood Hill after a few years on Orcas Island. And she's a former Microsoftie to boot! Lots in common. I hope we'll see them again at the August playdate. (This is her son Michael in the photo with Cory.)

fri, 7/ 204

Niall and some of his many stuffed friends, still sleeping away this morning. He's practically buried in them! The other day went I went to bed, he had his favorite, Clown, propped up over his face. Too funny!

thu, 7/ 203

Cory made a "best friend" at camp this week. His name is Eric, and they are SO sweet together. They both love Star Wars, the Star Wars Legos video game, legos - and they just enjoy being together.

Warms my heart. :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wed, 7/ 202

A few scenes from my new workplace. Same company, but on the main (original) campus now. In one of the original buildings, in fact! You can see it straight ahead in the center of this photo.

Modern buildings and parking garages have sprung up around the old buildings, replacing the woods and much of the open space. This is the cool stairwell for the parking garage nearest to my office. Lots of glass and splashes of color make up a big part of the modern look.

tue, 7/ 201

Tynor is taking a class at Lake Washington Technical College called Japanese for Teens. Imagine our surprise when one of the other four students turned out to be his friend Grant from TLS days.

They've been having a great time and learning a lot about the Japanese culture and language.

mon, 7/ 200

Now that Tynor has his learner's permit, he eager to chauffer us everywhere. He drove the boys to camp this morning, and then drove down to class in Redmond. He's doing really well, and has been pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to drive.

Niall and Cory are at the Cottage Lake Y camp this week. We'll see how it goes. It's a BIG camp, though of course they divide the kids up in to age groups, and then A, B & C groups as well. Cory is a Pioneer A and Niall is an Adventurer C.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they like the camp and all goes well. It's about half the cost of the Samena camp, and it's just minutes from our house to boot.

sun, 7/ 199

It was a beautiful day, and we took advantage of the cool, sunny weather by going out on our first kayak outings of the summer.
Niall and I went out first, for a long paddle up the slough, much farther than we've ever gone before. He has more stamina for paddling this year than he did last year!

As we drifted on the current back downstream toward Grandma's, he kicked back and relaxed - but wanted to hold my hand. So sweet!

Cory and I also paddled further than we did last year, and also went downstream a ways too. We got to see the blue heron - so regal and striking. Cory decided to collect a few grasses, leaves, and other items so that he could "study them later."

He and Niall were both so funny: both wanting to be "in charge" and issue commands about paddling and stopping, going right or left. I guess someone forgot to tell them that the person in charge is the one paddling in the stern. :P