Saturday, June 19, 2010

sat, 6/ 170

Niall was invited to a wiffle-ball birthday party by a friend who used to go to Little School, and had fun running around playing with friends.

This is a classic view of him running at me, eyes-alight, mischievous grin on his face. Usually he doesn't continue on and barrel into me anymore, thank goodness.

fri, 6/ 169

The last day of school is a half-day that ends at 11:30, and frequently several families stay and have a lunch picnic on the Big Field. This year it seemed to be mostly the oldest class who stayed to eat and chat after the other families had long since departed.

Cory enjoyed tangling it up with the big boys from Niall's class, including joining in a race-and-wrestle activity at the end. He'll take a few lumps if it means he can hang out with them, and as long as Niall doesn't get too tweaked out about it, it actually works out ok. For awhile.

thu, 6/ 168

Ah, the end of year picnic at TLS. Always a ton of fun, with excited kids running around everywhere, parents gabbing and reminiscing about the year, and dinner eaten in bites here and there. I got a Costco pizza this year, which was quickly consumed by Kellen, Tynor and Niall (I got a few slices too :P). There was also the perennial favorites, the chocolate fountain (you can dip marshmallows, strawberries, or creampuffs) and the snocone stand, operated by members of the oldest class and their parents.

Lisa (TLS parent and garden volunteer extraordinaire) set up a colorful parachute for the little kids to play with, and a bunch of mini inflated balls. Here Cory is pretending to have a giant "snocone" with one of the balls. Boy, did he get a kick out of that. :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wed, 6/ 167

It's the last day to bring food for the grand food bank total items count in Joyce's class. It wasn't on my radar, but Jennifer and her kids brought a megaload of all sorts of things to wrap up the year.

We helped carry some of it up to class - it was too much for them to manage on their own!

(This photo shows Cory's friend Avery, his mom, and Cory loaded down with a box of Top Ramen.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tue, 6/ 166

Yum, salmonberry season!

I found this gorgeous berry and a few more flashes of color tucked away in a lot of woods and greenery along a pathway on the Microsoft campus.

Monday, June 14, 2010

mon, 6/ 165

Theo and Cory up to more of their silly antics in Extended Day. I could probably fill a whole week with just photos of them fooling around! :-)

sun, 6/ 164

We took Josie down to Marymoor Park this morning for a soccer game, and stayed for a few hours to ride bikes and play. Kellen enjoyed taking lots of photos of her game.

Cory and Niall both enjoy the playground there, though Niall now mostly looks for ways to crawl around on top of things now, it seems. The boys played some fun chase games, and then periodically would dash off to ride their bikes around some more.