Monday, August 31, 2009

[day 234 ... aug 22]

All four boys and I were at The Little School's 50th anniversary picnic celebration today. It was great fun. This photo cracked me up. Silly boys!

They had photo albums from various years (including pictures of my kids in some of them!), way back to the old days of the school. Also a dunk tank, an activity in which only those 12 and up were permitted to participate, Niall was disappointed to find out. Crushed might be a better word. He spent a lot of time telling teachers how unfair that was, how contrary to "the Little School way," and how it was actually safer for kids to be dunked than adults. And by the way, did they realize that by the next anniversary celebration (60 years), he'll be 18 and not at TLS anymore?! He thinks the school should design and build its own dunk tank for kids. We'll see if that plot and plan comes to fruition.

There was also a scavenger hunt which occupied most of the rest of Niall's time (Cory and I tried it too). But I mostly just enjoyed chatting with people from yesteryear who came by for the party, and catching up with other friends. It was a lovely day and a great event to help celebrate. Teacher Steve said that he and other staff members were trying to think of who was there that had been at the school the longest ago, and he thought I was probably it. Pretty cool. :-)

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