Monday, August 31, 2009

[day 240 ... aug 28]

The younger boys and I headed off on the bike trails around the Nehalem Bay campground today - a first for us, since we've never brought bikes camping before. Turns out that after about a 10 minute ride, you come out on the other side of the peninsula to a calm beach with tons of driftwood. Very cool! Unfortunately it started to drizzle as we rode, and by the time we got to the beach, it was a steady light rain. But we stayed for awhile to explore in and around the logs, and even piled small logs up to make a little (very little!) shelter that we huddled in for a bit. Then, as the rain continued to come down, we walked back to the bikes and completed the loop back to the campground.

Grandpa Stan and Grandma Marian arrived earlier than expected, just when we were beginning to tire of indoor activities in the tent trailer. The rain started to clear up just about then too - perfect timing. We all walked over to their campsite in the A-B-C set of campground loops and Grandpa worked on adjusting my bike a bit. A helpful guy with a big toolbox adjusted Niall's bike yesterday so the falling-off-chains have ceased to be a problem - just before Grandpa came, so he's off the hook for those anyway. :-)

The cool, rainy weather continued for the rest of the day but we enjoyed a nice birthday dinner (for me :-) sheltered by the motorhome canopy over at Grandma and Grandpa's. Then the weather settled enough for us to have a big campfire and S'mores back at our site - lovely wrapup to the day.

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