Friday, September 4, 2009

[day 247 ... sep 4]

Niall reads for pleasure and interest most of the time that he isn't running around with his friends or engaged in some kind of "screen time" (computer, TV, etc.) But he still loves the idea of earning a prize for reading, so he signs up for the King County Library summer reading program. He diligently tracks his time (down to the minute) and can't wait to take in his completed sheet to be awarded his certificate and prize. This year it was an art set.

I guess I find it amusing that he's so interested in a program that is designed to inspire more reluctant readers to keep reading through the summer months when they don't have the required "20 minutes a day" their teachers assign them. But he's competitive that way, absolutely. Of course, he didn't keep track of how many books he completed, just the minutes, because he reads from so many different sources in a given day, there's no way he wanted to track all of them on a piece of paper! Fortunately the librarian who accepted his form didn't seem to care. :-)

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