Thursday, September 3, 2009

[day 246 ... sep 3]

My youngest has been entranced with Star Wars since he became best friends with another little boy at school who is totally into the saga. But now Cory has become practically obsessed! I'm sure it hasn't helped that I recently caved on letting him watch the first three movies (Episodes 4 through 6). Now that's all he wants to do! Oh, and talk about the movies, line by line (while he's watching them AND before and afterwards).

And if not allowed to watch (imagine limiting TV time for a 5YO - he thinks it's a crime, I think not), then he plays Star Wars with his Legos or creates light sabers from paper or looks at the many Star Wars books we have or begs to watch the prequel trilogy (definitely not yet).

Totally, totally into it. Hopefully we'll all survive this phase.

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