Friday, September 4, 2009

[day 248 ... sep 5]

Today I finally tackled a project that has been on my (uber) list for ages: adding a shelf to the IKEA shelving in one of my closets so I could store more stuff in there more efficiently. I actually started tackling this in early August, but had to go to IKEA to get a shelf. Then I had my necessary week off, and then we went camping, and then... You know how it goes. So it felt wonderful to finally get back to this and complete the project!

As a bonus, I started on another long-standing organizational task - cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry, which has been so full that I can barely open the door anymore, nevermind find what I need. I didn't make quite as much progress on this one, but I did designate a shelf or two in the other closet for Costco bulk purchases and cleared out some of the many odds and ends clogging up the pantry. I really need to empty the whole thing out and judiciously add back what should be in there, in an organized way. But that will have to wait for the next burst of organizational energy another weekend.

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