Saturday, August 22, 2009

[day 233 ... aug 21]

So last night at bedtime, Niall tells me, "Oh, I need to have 'Australia' and the flag drawn on my camp shirt for tomorrow." All righty then. Would have been nice to get a little more warning, but...that's not how it goes!

I ended up doing the shirt this morning just before we headed out the door. A speedy job with three colors of Sharpies, checking out an Australian flag in a book as I went. Good thing Niall knew right where to find international flags in our book collection!

It turns out that the Australian flag is strikingly similar to the New Zealand flag, which I never knew. A few fewer stars and red ones instead of white, but otherwise the spitting image. The things you learn when you have kids who need sports shirts decorated. :-)

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