Monday, August 31, 2009

[day 236 ... aug 24]

Today we enjoyed exploring the West Batteries at Ft. Stevens. They look a lot like the batteries at Ft. Flagger (not surprisingly, since they were mostly built at the same time by the same Army Corp of Engineers people) but with a different setting and somewhat different layouts, it was fun to roam around.

Back at camp, Cory learned to ride his two-wheeler with no training wheels! Whoo hoo! He was so pleased and proud. I only had to do one round of our campground loop jogging behind him holding the balancing bar, and then he was off and riding on his own. He picked up starting by himself very quickly too. He was really ready.

The girl he made friends with at the campsite across from us suddenly wanted to learn to ride on her own too, so we lent them the balancing bar (which you can see the older girl holding in the picture). Here the two kids are, happily babbling to the firewood deliverer about their new accomplishments.

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