Monday, August 31, 2009

[day 241 ... aug 29]

We took our traditional trek down to Tillamook today, another cool morning by the ocean. The cheese-wrapping operations at the Tillamook factory were as mesmerizing as ever.

Turns out they're celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, so that was fun - festive signs in various places, and two new commemorative pennies (which we had to get, of course) just for the occasion. We enjoyed lunch (good food, amazingly slow service - just as we remembered) and then, of course, chose ice cream cones from 38 different flavors. Yum!

We headed to the beach for a final outing after getting back to camp. Niall enjoyed throwing the ball for the dogs over and over.

Grandpa teased the pooches that he was going to throw the ball and then didn't - meanie! They didn't seem to mind at all though. Guess they're used to his mischievous ways. :-)

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