Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[day 244 ... sep 1]

Today is Tynor's first day of the new school year - his first year at PSCS without older brother Kellen there. Hard to believe that in just three short years, Tynor will be graduating too.

But for today, it was good to see him up, packed, and ready to roll bright and early. The school is heading out to Mosswood Hollow for an overnight after spending the morning on site downtown, so Tynor had to bring clothes, sleeping bag, etc. Luckily Kellen came home last night, so I drove Tynor down to the Park-and-Ride and saved him hauling his gear down on his bike. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to do that - though walking would have been another option. One that would have meant getting up even earlier, though!

Hopefully the first day has gone well and the new group is coming together and jelling as a community. Well - at least starting to. I'm looking forward to hearing a full report when he gets home tomorrow.

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