Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 151 ... may 31]

Our new chicken tractor has arrived! Dad threw this one together in just a few days, and it looks great. Lots of room for the hens, and still light enough to move around to different spots. Also plenty of space for food and water, so no more having to replace those every single day without fail. Dad got a big hanging food container that goes under the roof area, and an ingenious waterer that you can fill through the top (rather than filling and inverting, as most of them work). It's a great setup and should work out really well. Thanks, Dad!

We had a bit of fun getting the hens moved to their new home. They thought we were "trapping" them or something - only one of them went directly into the new coop and the others wiggled their way out to escape! We chased them around the yard for awhile and eventually corraled them all into their new home where they wandered around looking perplexed. They'll get used to it soon enough, and will love having all that room, I'm sure.

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