Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 143 ... may 23]

Folklife 2009! A wonderful time, as always. Though the incredible weather brought out more people than I have ever seen there before. By the middle of the afternoon, there were literally walls of people on every walkway and open area. Niall, Cory and I held hands and managed to get through the masses but it was a challenge.

Niall enjoyed having a lamb gyro and eating an elephant ear - two treats he looks forward to at Folklife every year.

The boys loved playing in the International Fountain and in another, smaller fountain area that we found. Water play is always a highlight of the festival for us. But this year, they also were really intrigued by all the musical groups we encountered and we stopped and listened to many groups - really fun. So many great musicians - I just loved hearing them all. Wish I'd had the stamina to stay longer (we left around 4, after arriving at 11 or so) and/or return for another day or two. But it's a lot of work managing two little people at such a big event: a lot of walking and tracking and finding bathrooms and all the rest.

One of these years, I'm going to get back into contradancing at Folklife. I miss it!

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