Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 149 ... may 29]

Today was the much-anticipated Pizza and Pajama Party at school, hosted by teachers Melissa and Donna as an auction fundraiser. Most of the kids in class came and they had such a fun setup arranged in the Center Room, including a "movie theatre" made from Ellen's equipment.

It was a bit crazy getting kids home, some kind of dinner made/arranged for everyone, then running Cory back down to school for the 6:00 start time for the party. But then I took a couple of hours and just relaxed, while Niall was home with the big boys (with clear guidance about what he could/should do while I was gone). I didn't want to make that roundtrip three times in one day. So I took some pictures in the school garden (great low evening light), then went to a local Starbucks and played with some photo collages while enjoying a nice hot cocoa for a treat. It worked out well for both Cory and me. :-)

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