Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 146 ... may 26]

After a four-day weekend, today it was back to the routine, including swim lessons. The boys are making so much progress - it's great to see. I do get anxious watching them working at learning these new skills - especially Cory who is not nearly as thrilled with it all as Niall is. Not sure how much longer I'll keep doing lessons for him at this point, though I'm glad he's now able to put his head under and has learned to float on his back and a few other basics. I just don't think he'll be mastering actual strokes for quite awhile, and think if we come back to lessons in another year or two, it'll be just about the same as if we keep going for a year and then get to the same place.

I do want the boys to have more pool time, though. Thinking about joining the local Y so we have access to a pool nearby, especially through the long winter.

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