Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 144 ... may 24]

Our first visit of the season to Yakima Fruit Market (in Bothell)! A favorite local market from our years living in Bothell, though we don't get there nearly as often now that we're 15-20 minutes away in Woodinville. We loaded up with a bunch of fresh veggies and fruit, and the boys each had a turn on the painted wooden rooster, which used to entertain Kellen and Tynor too, back in the day.

Then we head outside to the flowers and plants area and rounded up plants for our deck garden: zucchini, cucumbers, tomato, parsley, chives, and (at Niall's special request) a jalepeno. He's convinced that he "loves" jalepenos but I think he's more intrigued by the idea of loving them. :-)

When we got home, I got the planters ready and we popped the plants into them straight away. Also planted green beans and sunflowers, so now our garden is complete and we just need to water and wait to harvest all that goodness!

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