Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 142 ... may 22]

Driving home this afternoon after picking up Cory from Grandma Shannon's, we saw this car with flames spewing out, just as we got off the freeway by Dairy Queen in Woodinville. There was (understandably) a big backup, though the fire had just started shortly before we crept by with all the other rubber-neckers. A fire engine was just fighting its way through traffic to the scene as we went past.

Someone was out directly traffic past the car, and I wondered if drivers going that direction (next to the car) were worried, as I would have been, that the car might become fully engulfed and explode while they drove past! I could see that the impromptu traffic director was gesturing vigorously so I imagine people were either afraid or so intrigued that they didn't want to keep moving.

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