Friday, June 5, 2009

[day 145 ... may 25]

Beach day with Grandma Shannon, Auntie Garland, and baby Rolly! We met them at Juanita Beach in the afternoon for a fun time in the sand and water. Our first trip this year to our favorite beach.
We brought the inflated alligator and Niall and Cory enjoyed toodling around on that quite a bit. The water is still quite chilly though, so we weren't exactly swimming on this trip (though lots of wading in deep!) Mostly, though, the kids dug holes in the sand and tried to bolster the sides to keep the water from pouring out and other fun sand play. We brought our bazillion sand toys (note to self: time to weed out duplicates so we aren't hauling so much to the beach every time) which attracted a number of "friends" who enjoyed playing with them too. There were plenty to go around.

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