Saturday, January 24, 2009

[day 24 ... january 24]

It's not such a healthy habit, but yes, we are definitely into our after-dinner desserts around here. The little guys typically have a small serving of chocolate chips (one of the few kinds of chocolate that Cory can have) or cookies.

But the big boys are majorly into ice cream. And they don't want just a few small scoops. No, they're growing boys and go for the EXTRA LARGE servings. I prefer a smaller amount of a really good ice cream, like Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch (yum!) or a nice chocolate chip mint (Bryer's is my fave). But at the rate Kellen and Tynor go through ice cream, I do not buy them anything premium very often! Once in awhile I splurge on Hagaan Dazs bars (vanilla with dark chocolate), which if nothing else, keeps the serving to just one bar! But the "usual" ice cream available (until it's all gone, and then there isn't anymore for awhile) is a tub of generic vanilla.

Being a nice mom, though, I do buy Tillamook sometimes when it's on sale. Tillamook Mudslide is our favorite flavor, and boy, is it good. While it lasts...

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