Sunday, January 18, 2009

[day 18 ... january 18]

Cory had a great idea this morning: "Let's go to Bothell Landing today!" We haven't been anywhere in ages, with all the snow over the holidays and then the lousy weather since, plus illnesses to boot. Today was another gorgeous sunny day, so it sounded like a fine plan to me.

Bothell Landing has a great play structure and the setting is beautiful: right along the Sammamish Slough (which is still running pretty fast but not as swiftly as in the photo the other day), with lots of trails, paths along the water, an ampitheatre, original settler buildings with small museums instead. It's fun to play, explore, walk, see birds, throw things in the water.

We started with playtime on the climber, as we usually do, and then walked down to the water to see the ducks (we don't feed them since it's strongly discouraged - it's terrible for the bird population) and on to the boardwalk over the wetlands.

Finally, we walked down the trail along the river, tossed sticks and rocks in to see the splashes and watch the sticks float along. A man came floating gently along in his kayak, not paddling, just letting the water carry him slowly along. Looked like a fine way to spend the afternoon.

Across the water on the bike trail, we could see fast cyclist speeding along, people walking with strollers and kids on bikes with training wheels - a whole assortment of people out enjoying the beautiful day just as we were.

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