Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[day 21 ... january 21]

Today it's back to the mundane, though we're still feeling that glow from yesterday (at least I am!) Picked up Cory and Niall from school and took Cory to the dentist for a 6-month checkup. After going to a pediatric dentist office in Bellevue for awhile that was like a factory (crank those kids through as fast as you can, rush them along, don't give them the fun stuff to do if they aren't paying attention enough so you can jam through the cleaning on time), we switched to this much calmer, more easygoing ped office right here in town. So much better.

Here Cory is waiting for his x-rays to be taken. That was the trickiest part, with those nasty films they still have to put in that are way too big for preschoolers (IMHO). But Cory was a trooper and they were able to get some good pics without too much hassle.

Cory actually looked forward to going in and everyone was calm and kind, joking and relaxed. What a difference in attitude between here and the pediatric dentistry factory!

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